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How to make melted crayon art

October 26, 2011

Okay, so I always look up online “how to’s” and I came across melted crayon art. It looked like rainbow dripping, so when I tried it instead of lining the crayons I put them intoa circle and it turned out pretty cool but my hair dryer kinda caught on fire and burned my fingers but I guess it was worth it.


What you need:
– canvas(however big you want)
– crayons (of your choice)
– hot glue
– hair dryer

Step you take:
1. hot glue the crayons onto the canvas the way you want
2. blow the hair dryer on the crayons until they get melty. make sure the canvas is standing up otherwise the melted crayon will pool up in the middle and make a gross color and work the melted crayon about half way down the canvas or as low as you want.

3. let it dry. If not enough crayon melted let it dry and go over them with the hair dryer again to make it thicker

Its really simple and it turns out awesome. hope you have fun!
Safety Cautions:
– Be careful with the hot glue (it gets pretty hot)
– Don’t let the hair dryer run for too long otherwise it might short out or catch fire
– Don’t put the hair dryer to close to the canvas or it’ll spark or catch fire( not as funny as you think)
Have fun!


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